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Shakti Stories is a mission to Empower Feminine Bliss for all people to flower and thrive.

For centuries, womxn have been twisting and contorting themselves in various ways to fit into the norms & expectations of the world.

Womxn are now waking up to the ways that they’ve been limiting their self-expression or hiding aspects of their whole truth.

Today’s greatest threat to womxn’s freedom is what Marion Woodman called the “addiction to perfection”. This “never good enough” mentality means that no matter how much we do, it is never enough.

Inspired by the greats in the field of Feminine Psychology such as Marion Woodman, and my teachers Ana Mozol, Jalaja Bonheim, Leslie Ellis and Toko-pa, I have created this podcast with the hopes of broadening our understanding of feminine psychology and growing together in our embodiment of purpose, passion and pleasure.


The Crossing of Focusing and Sexuality

Kati Kimchi is a Focusing-oriented Co-ordinator who has been teaching and facilitating Focusing in her clinic for more than 10 years. The crossing of Focusing and Sexuality was born out of a her need to explore the sensitive issues of sexuality.

Because she is a curious person she was asking:

✨Why is there no Focusing orientation in sexual therapy?
✨Why do felt senses in the pelvic area appear so rarely in the natural flow of the Focusing process?
✨What do we need to know as facilitators when our Focusing partner or client is in touch with a felt sense in the genital area or is preoccupied with sexual issues?

Over the years Kati has learned that entering emotional space through issues around sexuality enables direct contact with the deepest parts of our inner world, safety issues, traumas and communications and leads to a unique shift. In this episode, she describes a bit about what Focusing Therapy is then we look at how it can be helpful in exploring sexual issues.

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