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Therapy is a journey of self-discovery.

Do you ever feel like something is wrong with you?
Who would you be if you didn’t feel this way?

Working with a somatic-based depth-oriented therapist is about identifying what you really feel, need and want and learning to be more present in your life. It’s about discovering your strengths and expanding your sense of self. Freud spoke of repetition compulsion as destructive and limiting behavioural patterns learned in childhood and carried into the future. Therapy can bring our patterns to light, help us close repetitive mind loops and interrupt patterns of self-doubt and inner criticism.

Most people benefit from having a safe space to express their truth.

Therapy is not only for those who are suffering from a major trauma such as a life-threatening incident. You may not identify as having trauma at all and yet you've hidden parts of yourself to be accepted or you've rationalized things that just didn't feel right.

It’s the patterns showing up today in your psyche, soma and relationships that tell the story of what still needs tending. Although we will explore memories that arise, we don’t need to unearth every detail of the past. Often the moments where you feel a "felt-shift" bring healing to other moments that have held a similar charge.

I work with Mindfulness and Focusing because it’s in the now that we can center  ourselves in order to draw on our resilience and find a greater sense of empowerment in our lives.

Many of my clients are struggling with or have struggled with:

  • body image issues
  • perfectionism & people-pleasing
  • a harsh inner critic
  • low self-esteem
  • career decisions & stress
  • loneliness
  • disconnection
  • perinatal depression and/or anxiety
  • entering pregnancy or parenthood
  • relationship questions
  • inflation or deflation, sometimes associated with non-ordinary states

And may have a history of:

  • painful relationships, losses or endings
  • disordered eating or eating disorders
  • distressing or disturbing experiences

Having the support of a trained therapist to help us process our experience allows us to begin to liberate ourselves from self-judgment, criticism, shame and blame.

Arriving at a new level of self-acceptance through this process, our gifts have more room to reveal themselves, weave into our lives and inspire us forward.

This work can help you to:

  • make clear decisions
  • shift towards creative energy
  • release repeating patterns in your life
  • get in touch with your life purpose


My job is to help you identify what lies between you and your Authentic Presence; through this increased awareness, you will learn more about yourself and develop a deeper relationship with your inner world. You may find that you become more resilient in the face of life’s many challenges, improve your mood and deepen in your relationships.


Individual counselling 60 minute session:
$140 per session.

Couples counselling 60 minute:
$160 per session

Longer sessions are also available and can be particularly helpful for couples sessions.

CVAP, Arete and Empower Me clients can ask me for the booking code.

I offer a sliding scale for those who could only access therapy with this assistance: please get in contact for more information.

All changes and cancellations require 48 hours notice.

Counselling Packages

Pay-as-you-go: This option allows you to book your sessions one by one and pay as you go along. Please note that you can end therapy sessions at any time.

Counselling Package A:
Series of 5 sessions + $25 off.

Counselling Package B:
Series of 10 sessions + $50 off.

Counselling Package C:
Series of 15 sessions + $75 off.

I accept etransfers, PayPal, cash and all major credit cards (+3%). Etransfer must be sent prior to session.


Although counselling fees are not currently covered under the BC Medical Services Plan, many extended health plans do include counselling coverage. Please call your insurer and ask whether they cover a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC).

I am BCACC registration #6724.

If you find that RCC visits are not covered under your plan, you may want to contact your insurance company directly to request an exception to the plan’s coverage. This link is to a letter that will help you write yours:


Crime Victim Assistance Program (CVAP)

The Crime Victim Assistance Program pays for counselling services for victims of crime, their close family members, and some witnesses.

Victims of crime often struggle with the emotional and psychological impact of the event. We help clients work through and resolve these impacts.

Information about CVAP (Crime Victim Assistance Program), including eligibility, can be found at:


For anyone who may be financially struggling right now, I also have a lovely student named Carmen who is currently completing her Master’s in Counselling that I will be supervising in my practice from now through the Fall. She’ll be doing 50 min Zoom or phone sessions for $60.


I am a a Mindfulness-based Somatic Psychotherapist working in Private Practice. I am passionate about Purpose, Pleasure, Self-Compassion, Embodied Wisdom, Relationships, Women’s Work & Creativity.

Feel free to reach out for a 15 minute inquiry session!

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